Terms of Service

Please read our terms and conditions thoroughly before proceeding with application submission. We might update the same without prior notice so peruse before going forward to the next step.

1. Interpretation
1.1 Definition
  • Here ‘we’ refers to ‘Sinis’ a consulting firm registered in Cork, Ireland so please interpret ‘us’ and ‘our’ accordingly
  • Similarly, ‘you’ refers to the individual or the organisation who has approached us by accepting our terms and conditions. Therefore, kindly construe ‘your’ accordingly.
  • ‘Site’ here indicates any or every webpage under the Sinis domain
  • ‘Service’ denotes that of Sinis’
  • ‘Report’ hints at our audit reports, which we forward to our customers on hiring our service
  • ‘Subject’ is directly linked to our report and refers to the company that you would like us to check
2. Payment
2.1 Terms On Payment

Before proceeding with payments, kindly check our terms associated with it.

  • While hiring our service, we might communicate significant info electronically to update you on the same. You should have no problem with it.
  • We shall commence with the report only after receiving the payment in advance.
2.2 Method Of Payment

We accept payments only in advance for each of our services.
Our management team holds every right to modify the payment terms and ascertain methods specifically for the same. However, this will be valid only in certain circumstances.

2.3 Refunds
  • As we deliver non-tangible goods, mainly in the form of services, we do not issue refunds on orders. Please understand and accept the same.
  • Nonetheless, in one or two odd situations, if we ever fail to provide you information on your enquired subject then we might approve for a partial refund.
  • If you ever request for modifications to your submitted info, we shall accept it only if our job is yet to commence.
3. Report
3.1 What Should Not Be Done With The Report?
  • Use it for anonymous purpose as it is meant to fulfil only personal reference needs and that of your business
  • Should not be passed on to others who are not under your control or those working on behalf of you. Permission has to be acquired first.
3.2 Turnaround Time

We shall try our level best to deliver you the audit report within the turnaround time, which excludes Saturdays and Sundays. However, we cannot guarantee you the same as unavoidable circumstances, leading to delays, might arise. Here inescapable situations pertain to the temporary unavailability of the resources available online. Whatever be the case, we shall inform you the same via an email.

3.3 Information Accuracy
  • We obtain information mainly from third-party sources to prepare your audit report. Although we take extreme care to prepare the same, we cannot assure you about its accuracy.
  • The audit report, which we prepare, should never be considered an endorsement of the subject’s capabilities and financial status.
  • We, no doubt prepare the report for you; however, we are not responsible for any decision taken by you post that
3.4 Language
  • Even though the report shall be issued in English, we hold every right to prepare it and promote each of our services in any other language, other than the mentioned one.
  • In case of any discrepancy, specifications in English shall always take precedence over others.
4. Customer Service

We take customer service very seriously and put our best foot forward to fulfil your demands.
4.1 Delivery Failure
Kindly keep this in mind that we do not provide you with any guarantee as per the reliability of our online networks, using which we transmit audit reports and any other instruction. We shall get in touch with you for communicating alternative transmission methods if any kind of problem arises.

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