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Track Record

We let our record speak for itself, check out our testimonials, review our case studies, and contact us for a chat, you’ll quickly appreciate that we know our stuff, and above all we’re nice people to deal with.

Global Partners

Sinis has an extensive multi-disciplined, verified supply chain, spanning most manufacturing segments, and positioned in China, India, Vietnam and Europe.

Best In Class Process

Our pedigree means that we have learnt from the best, using processes and frameworks that have been developed by large multi-national corporations and are recognised in the industry as best in class. We use the same approaches to product design and development, supplier selection, and product sourcing. All our partners are audited to and follow the same processes, this gives a seamless experience to our customers.

Industry Innovators

We ensure our partners provide the best technology, and we counsel and advise our customers on how to get the best value, through innovative design and by making the best use of new technologies.

Having spent over two decades working for multi-national companies, fifteen years of which have been in the manufacturing industry, designing, sourcing and producing complex assemblies from plastics, die cast and pressed metal. Donagh Murphy, Sinis founder, saw that there was a need to take the same disciplined approach which multi-national companies use for product design, supplier selection and product sourcing and make that available to a wider base of companies on an “as needed” basis. In doing so, companies no longer need to invest in these resources in house. “Think of us as your design department, your product sourcing team, and your quality assurance team”.

We allow SME’s across Europe to take control of these elements of their business, but without having to incur all the costly resources normally associated with them. Sinis delivers tremendous value to our clients as well as the peace of mind that their projects are being managed by a dedicated and professional team.

Sinis means “Chinese” in Gaelic, and we pride ourselves in the knowledge we have built up over all these years. Our understanding of the Chinese culture, how business works, and what makes for a successful and positive experience when sourcing from China is core to our company.

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