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Sinis prides itself in providing both functional and cutting-edge aesthetic designs. The most important aspect of any design is getting the brief right, don’t worry if you have never created a design brief before. Our team will work closely with you to carefully construct and understand the vision you have for your product.

Once the brief is finalised, we get to work. Designing products is a process, and you will be part of that process for the entire journey. We will initially provide you with a concept drawing, which focuses more on the overall aesthetic aspects of the product.

When you are happy with how the concept looks, we then get into the functional details of the product. Here we are focused on areas such as; pure functionality, user experience, and of course, cost of manufacture. Then we look closely at material selection, and where possible, select and recommend sustainable materials.

Next comes the fun bit… We get to build one! Using our prototype partners, we provide a whole host of options for prototyping, from 3D printing in plastic or metal, or vacuum casting where you need a highly functioning prototype. We have consistently benchmarked our prototype costs and lead times against our competitors. We range between 30%-50% lower cost, and our lead times are less than half.

We then have a full design review with you and present you with your functional prototype. Once you are happy to sign off, you receive a full package of 2D and 3D drawings and a full product spec.

At this stage the design process is complete, and we hope you will continue your journey with Sinis with our Product Sourcing and Supply Chain service.

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