What is unique about Sinis?

Sinis has brought together a supply chain, which is audited and approved to the highest standards. It’s a supply chain which, before now, would have been reserved only for multinational corporations with enormous resources. But now that calibre of supply chain and expertise, has been made available to everyone. There is no need to take risks, or spend money unnecessarily. Just call Sinis.

Why Partner with Sinis?

Think of us as your design department, think of us as your engineering department, think of us as your global sourcing team. Then remember you don’t need to carry any of these costs yourself, just partner with us and all these services will be open to you as you need them.

I'm worried about sourcing in Asia, I've heard people have had bad experiences before.

While yes it is true, and we have all heard the horror stories of bad experiences in sourcing from Asia. Using Sinis is a sure way of making sure you have a positive experience when dealing with manufacturing in Asia. We will guide you every step of the way, and our audited and approved supply chain ensures great quality and reliability while providing excellent value.

How safe is my IP?

For any project, Sinis will enter into an NDA with our clients. Every supplier Sinis uses, has already signed up to an NDA with us, which is fully enforceable. Our partners are required to adhere to a code of conduct, which includes ethical behaviour.

I'm worried about worker exploitation?

As part of our agreement and audit with our partners, Labour and Ethics is vitally important to us, and it should be to you also. Dealing only with companies who adhere to Labour and Ethics laws is of paramount importance, not only is it the right and responsible thing to do. Responsible companies have much more stable workforces, and properly motivated and cared for workers deliver consistently better results.

I've got a really great price from a company I found online, why shouldn’t I just do this myself?

If you have heard the saying "If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is". This is stumbling block for a lot of people, they see a great price and then that’s all you see, many times behind that unbelievable price are poor quality, worker exploitation and in some cases just a straight up scam. Always ask yourself well what is the true cost of the product, material etc, and if the price you've been quoted either doesn't or only barely covers the cost of materials, then alarm bells should ring. Sinis has spent a great deal of time and resources to audit and verify its supply chain, so what you see is what you get.

Is cost the only reason to source from Asia?

Our experience says no, many years ago, the answer would have been yes, but the knowledge base and skill level that has been built up over the last two decades of growth is unsurpassed. China has quickly become a nation of innovators who can draw on the experience of the millions of different products that have been developed there over the years. While still very competitive, China brings much more to the party now than a cheap price. We will always speak of the value that can be got from sourcing in China, that value is a combination of Price, Expertise, Quality and Time to market.

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