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We have invested a great deal of time and care in bringing together a Network of high quality proven partners. This group represents companies who adhere strictly to our processes and code of conduct. We have a long term relationship with each and every one of them.

We have personally audited and approved them to the highest international standards, using similar frameworks to those used by multinational corporations to validate their supply chains. We work directly with each department within our partner companies, and are constantly in direct contact with the ownership of these companies to ensure that they continue to service all our clients with the highest level of service.

At present our network consists of companies across the mechanical manufacturing spectrum. We are working on adding more, but we’re picky – if you’re looking for something that’s not here, contact us, we’re probably working on it.

Plastic Tooling and Moulding:

We work with specialist toolmakers, depending on the industry you operate within, for example we have specialist toolmakers for:

Thin Wall Packaging – When you want fast cycling and high performance, long life tooling, this is the Ferrari of the toolmaking world. These guys only work with the best suppliers, using imported steel and industry leading, hot runner systems – delivering a product in the fastest lead time with tremendous value. They are turning heads right across Europe with their fantastic approach and excellent delivery record.

Automotive Tooling – When size and strength is what you want, this partner delivers. This is the work horse, with high cosmetics and solid, reliable performance. Tools are built exactly to your spec, so that when it arrives at your site, it’s a case of hang it and run.

Medical & Pharma – The scientists of the bunch, this toolmaker works with many leaders in the medical and pharma industries. It’s about precision and making sure all the small details are taken care of. Time to market is really important here, and as well as making full production tooling, they also make super prototype tooling, which will get you product to begin your validations quicker. These tools will take you right through to production.

General – For many clients who say;“I just want a tool that works and that won’t cost me a fortune”, then we have the partner for you. This company makes great tools that are more suited for low–medium volumes. These tools typically have a life of about 500k–1m shots, great for product from industries such as; construction, electronics, consumer goods etc. Should you require, this company will mould your parts too.

Pressed Metal and Stamping:

Not as segmented as the Plastics, here we work with one strong, large scale partner.

Stamping – This partner has it all under one roof (or several roofs) with 3 locations across China. They manufacture their own tooling, and are great with tiny precision parts such as, clips, springs etc. but also can support larger format parts. Offering post process finishes for both anti-corrosion and cosmetic painting, they also provide in-house assembly processes, if required.

Die Casting and MIM:

Die casting has been around forever, with very little in the form of technical advances, however it’s the go-to process for many applications because it’s strong and reliable, just like our partner.

Die Casting – Our partner is strong and reliable, sometimes you need a process and a production partner that just does what it says, and this one does. Tooling manufactured in-house, casting in zinc and aluminium, with all post process finishes available.

MIM – This is the cool stuff, we work with one of the first thixomolding companies established in China nearly 20 years ago. Using the best in technology from JSW, these guys have built up a knowledge base unsurpassed anywhere in the world. For those who don’t know, thixomolding is the processing of molding magnesium alloy into super thin and super strong parts. It’s lightweight, but don’t let that fool you, its strength-to-weight ratios are the best around. Most laptops and phones use this alloy to keep weight down and strength up.

Prototyping and Quick Tools:

This is a tough one to get right. For us, prototyping is an art form, with many manual processes required to get something that looks and performs. We’ve worked with many suppliers over the years, we’re quite picky but we couldn’t be happier with our partner here.

Prototyping and Quick Tools – Looking for 3D printing or vacuum casting? Maybe you required something a little more like 3D printed injection tools, or more conventional quick tools in aluminium or steel? Then this is the one-stop-shop. In fact it’s all they do, all day, every day. Completing thousands of projects each year, there isn’t much these guys haven’t seen or done, and did we mention that you’ll be amazed at the price and lead time.

Decoration, Packaging and Hardware & Labels:

These are complimentary suppliers for the above processes, where the customer wants a little bit more.

Decoration – Painting, pad printing, screen printing, metalising, powdercoating… whatever the finish you want for your part, we’ve got you covered.

Packaging – Providing high quality printed consumer packaging – the chances are you’ve already bought some products with packaging made by this company. It’s all about the customer experience.

Hardware and Labels – There’s nothing worse than when you’ve focused on all the big ticket items and not though so much about the small things. Don’t worry, we haven’t. We can provide screws, inserts, pins and springs.

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