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Web Site Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Terms

When accessing our site, please be informed that you are agreeing to our terms & conditions, regulations and all other applicable laws, as well as compliance to any of those applicable local laws. However, if you disagree to any of it, we forbid you to use our website. Note that each of the resources available on our web pages is well protected by trademark and copyright laws.

2. License, Granted On Use

The resources on our web pages are available for temporary downloads, both for personal and non-commercial viewing purpose. We restrict you from using it for fulfilling other intentions. However, this is a mere grant of license and not a title transfer. Under it, we discourage you from the following—

  • Alter the resources
  • Use it for both commercial and non-commercial purpose
  • Decompile software that adds up to our website
  • Wipe out any notations from our resources, both proprietary and copyright
  • Transfer it to any other server

On violating the above-mentioned terms, we shall terminate your license and on doing so, you are entitled to destroy the same resource in your possession.

3. Disclaimer

At Sinis, we make no warranties and disclaim non-infringement of intellectual properties, implied warranties, or any other violation of rights. We are also not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the resources available on our website pages.

4. Restrictions

Neither we nor will our suppliers are/ be liable for any damage occurring from loss of data or from business interruption. This holds true even if our representatives are notified in writing or orally regarding the probabilities of damages.

5. Revisions

Resources on our website might not be 100% accurate. There might be typographical, technical and photographic errors, therefore we do not warrant you of the same. We might also make modifications from time to time without any notice but we are not committed to doing the same.

6. Modifications In ‘Terms Of Use’

Modifications in ‘terms of use’ might happen at any time without any prior notice. However, if you are using our website, kindly keep it in mind that you are voluntarily agreeing to the ‘terms and conditions’ stated here and are bound to this current version.

7. Language

As mentioned before, specifically in ‘Terms of Service’ page, the English version shall always prevail over the translated version of the content. However, in cases of inconsistencies, you may report it to us at

8. Others

We have put our best foot forward for the proper functioning of this website. We shall not be liable if any technical issue arises causing the unavailability of our website.
We reserve full rights to eliminate from our website any unnecessary information or even entire website without prior notice.

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