Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, which is why we have framed our policies accordingly. Read on to find out how we gather your personal information, utilise it, communicate as well as disclose it.
  • At the time of personal information collection, we shall specify our intentions clearly.
  • We assure you that the information collected shall only be used for fulfilling our intentions as specified before. Until and unless we receive your consent, we shall not use the collected information for other compatible purposes.
  • Kindly note that your personal information will only be retained until and unless it fulfils our purposes
  • We believe only in lawful means when it comes to the collection of personal information.
  • Regarding personal data, it should be relevant enough to fulfil our specified purpose. Therefore, we encourage submission of only accurate data, which is up-to-date and complete.
  • Stay assured, as we shall safeguard your data from unauthorised access, loss, theft, disclosure, modification and copying.
  • Customers can go through our policies and practices without inhibition as these are readily available for them.
  • You can rely on us for the confidentiality of the collected personal information as we stringently follow the principles mentioned above while conducting our business.
  • Your submitted data is safe with us, as we use a secure server and none of the third parties has access to it.
  • Please be informed that we use cookies to remember you and your preferences. However, you may opt in and opt out from our range of cookies any time.
What Kind Of Information Do We Procure?
Here is the information, which we might collect from you—
  • Information required for filling in an online application form from our website such as name, contact details, the name of the company and email address.
  • Information acquired from emails including contact details and email address.
  • Information submitted on our website such as documents, mail ID, company name and website.
How Do We Utilise The Collected Information?
We gather your personal information for fulfilling one or more of the following objectives—
  • To answer your queries
  • To meet your requirements and respond to your orders
  • To save it in our archive for fulfilling our own business requirements
  • To send you through emails, information about our newly launched products/services, interesting facts, newsletters and exclusive deals. Please note that we shall never send them against your wishes
  • To take your assistance in conducting market research. However, we shall approach you through emails and proceed only on receiving your approval. If you wish to unsubscribe, kindly send us an email on We shall immediately stop using your info for conducting market research or proceeding with direct marketing.
    As mentioned before, we shall never disclose your personal info, until and unless the situation demands so or the need arises.
  • We might require it to fulfil legal obligations, safeguard our rights or enforce terms of use, service and agreements.
If at any time, you find out that the information, which we hold, about you, are incorrect then feel free to contact us at
Information Dissemination

We shall try our level best to safeguard your personal information. However, we cannot assure you on the same as transmission of information might occur unintentionally, via the internet. This might also occur when the storage equipment is connected to the internet.

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