The internet is full of stories of companies who have had bad experiences in China. This does not need to be the case. Sourcing from China should be a positive and rewarding experience. The most common mistake companies make when going to China is they expect them to be culturally similar to themselves. Of course they are not. When we talk about culture, we don’t mean the thousands of years of history, but rather the culture of doing business. The relationship is everything to the Chinese business person, having a good relationship is the difference between having an ok supplier and having a supplier who will always go above and beyond.

Sinis and its team have invested the time in developing these relationships so you don’t have to. Sinis constantly meets with all our suppliers, these meetings are always on site at the manufacturing plant, and will always be followed by a dinner together. This type of bonding and relationship building is the cornerstone on which Sinis is built. It is also the reason why a lot of companies come away from China reporting a bad experience.

Many SME type companies, don’t have the time or the budget to maintain these types of relationships, and because they are not of considerable scale, then unfortunately what happens is very much a case of “out of sight out of mind”. It begins with a shipment being delayed by 1-2 weeks because of some unforeseen issue, then the price rises because of increased costs, next there might be a quality issue, and pretty soon the relationship breaks down.

By using Sinis’s suppliers, you will avoid this happening, as you will be viewed as Sinis, and because of the scale of business we have these suppliers you will receive the same treatment as the large scale customer, and we will maintain the relationship for you.

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