Sinis provides, safe, assured supply chains, across a range of suppliers located in Asia. Our team audits and verifies a very select number of suppliers, so you can be confident when you submit your request for quote, that you will be souring from a high quality, reliable supply chain.

Sinis is a revelation for thousands of SME companies across Europe, by removing the risk of sourcing their products. By utilising the Sinis Platform, SME’s become part of a Co-Operative, which brings a full range of benefits, including excellent pricing, and service on par with that which Large multinational companies receive.

Equally, if your needs are not met within our immediate network of companies, we will assist you to source your requirements. Carrying out all the necessary due diligence, negotiations and approvals on your behalf.

Sinis will remove the risks and the unknowns from sourcing in China.

How it works

Sinis Partners include, companies from the following disciplines:

  • Injection Moulding Tooling
  • Die Cast Tooling
  • Pressed Metal Tooling
  • Plastic Injection Moulding
  • Die Cast Production
  • Packaging

Simply register free of charge, no hidden fees.

Submit your enquiry to our team, who will direct it to the companies in the required discipline.

We will negotiate on your behalf and because we can leverage all volume together, we will get you a fantastic price.

You will receive pricing from at least two sources, and a brief company overview of each supplier.

Once you select your preferred option, we will provide you with full details of the company, as well as direct contact with your dedicated sales agent at the suppler site.

You deal directly with the supplier, placing the PO directly to them.
Sinis will manage the relationship with the supplier and ensure that standards within all our suppliers remain at the highest levels.
After sales services.

All this is provided to you at no cost.

Sinis also provides a range of additional services which can be provided at very competitive rates. Please contact us for more details.

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China Product Sourcing Agent


Sinis aims to open up the Chinese manufacturing sector and make it easily accessibly the thousands of companies across the EU.

Using our established network of approved manufacturers across multiple industries we can easily incorporate the needs of SME companies into our supply chain.

Equally, if your needs are not met within our immediate network of companies, we will assist you to source your requirements. Carrying out all the necessary due diligence, negotiations and approvals on your behalf.



Our Partners are located in the major industrial zones of Shanghai/Suzhou and Shenzhen/Dongguan.

They are ideally located within a few hours of shipping ports for ease of logistics.

They are easy to get to while basing yourself in the major hubs of Shanghai, and Shenzhen


The magnificent city of Shanghai must be seen to be believed, but don’t get blinded by the bright lights, Sinis looks after your supply chain to ensure you can enjoy the city.


Shenzhen, the modern metropolis in China, hosts various suppliers, its convenient location to Hong Kong makes it an excellent choice to source from offering easy shipping routes globally.


An area rich in toolmaking expertise, Sinis has diligently selected the best manufacturers across multiple disciplines within the Plastics and Die Casting sectors.


our services

We offer a broad range of services to suit our customers needs.

These can be tailored, and range from full supply chain management to benchmarking or renegotiating existing supply agreements.

  • Supply Chain set up within our Approved Supply Chain.
  • Customised Supply Chain set up.
  • Re-negotiating of existing agreements.
  • Consulting and advice services.
  • Project management and transition programs.

How we Work

  • Establish as key customer within our partner network.
      • Define specifications, and quality expectations

      • Define pricing and negotiation.

  • Project Implementation
      • Implement transition plan.

      • Manage approvals and product launch.

      • Set up direct links

  • Review and monitor
      • Regular on site visit reports by our local representative.

      • Available to deal with any queries.

  • Annual Review
      • Review Price, Quality and Service. Through a formal annual review.




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